• It is very important to keep grease and splattered food bits cleaned out of your microwave and turntable. A fire can occur in microwave that is left unclean. Grease will cause the self-supports and mechanism under the turntable to short out and could cause a fire. Just wipe your microwave down with soap and water.
  • Using a lemon can usually eliminate order in your microwave (slice the lemon in halves and squeeze all the juice out). Put the juice in a microwave save container (approximately 4-cup container) with the juice place 2 to 3 cups of water. Place the container inside you microwave and cook for about 2 minutes.
  • Never use any gold or silver trimmed cups or plates in the microwave. These dishes contain metal and you can harm the microwave with just a small amount of metal when you are cooking. So, please keep this in mind when you go and heat a cup of tea.
  • Never clean the electronic control panel with any cleaning solution. It could possibly short the panel causing major repair cost. Mild soap and water should be used.